This time I really found something special... A few buddies and I decided to take a "breather" and get out of town for the weekend which I think everyone needs from time to time and this is where we ended up. Situated at around 4800 feet above Palm Springs is this place of complete serenity and solitude. I posted some of the photos to my Instagram and here are a few extra photos as well.


    This main entrance way is unlike anything I have seen. The Panoramic view reminds me of when I went Skydiving except this view last longer than 45 seconds lol. Also something else that is cool is the temperature at this elevation in the desert is actually about 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than down the mountain in town which is crazy because you would think "closer to the sun must be hotter" but not the case at all...


   Another unique thing to mention about this house is it has a small very old Church Chapel a short walk from the house with a Mission Bell that you can ring from the inside. Word has it that every person to ever step foot inside has rung the bell so I also did the honors of course (after checking for Rattlesnakes that may have crept in under one of the booths). Not bad for a quick weekend getaway and I am actively planning more like this at the moment...


- LS


Photos by Ted Emmons & Alexander Eggebeen