SIMPLE Steps to battle procrastination

     If we were to be honest we all can admit to procrastinating at one point or another. It is just our nature and something easy to fall into given the chaotic state most of our lives function in. The reason it can result in catastrophic problems is that it moves in patterns or stage-like waves which we can be unaware of what we are doing to where we end up putting off more and more to the point where it effects the quality of our finished product whatever it may be. Below are some personal tips learned through trial and error...

- EXERCISE Not only helps release good endorphins in the body that build confidence, mental/physical strength and contribute to our overall well being but leads us to be more driven throughout our week. Nothing can keep you motivated and on track with deadlines and goals than a great workout session. 

- ALARMS! Setting your own personal deadlines/reminders at least 48 hours prior to things that need final completion or your attention. We have smart phones so let them be just that...SMART. Apple IOS makes it very easy with the onboard calendar app. 


WAKING UP 45 min before needed. An obvious statement but how many people can honestly say they do this? Learning to make this a pattern sets you ahead of the game of those who don't make this a ritual and prepares you to make time if needed for things such as worser traffic than the usual, flat tire, gas up, coffee stop etc. Also showing up early has never reflected negatively on anyone.... ever.

- PATTERNS Form around everything we do. The "21 day to form or break a habit" has never been proven but the simple principal behind this is if you do something long enough it will most likely form a habit which is true with procrastination being one of them which is why it is vital to be aware.

As always Cheers!