The Top Three Shows You’ve never heard of but you should Definitely watch.


    In a society where there’s a show for about everything from cutting coupons, to cutting Wildlings down, there’s simply just too much.  Some shows are worth the hype, “House of Cards”, “Game of Thrones”, “Mad Men” however these shows already get the deserved spotlight they require.  However, there are a good handful of well put together shows, that combine all the essential elements without any of the limelight.


    Also for your convenience I have input the recommended pace one should binge-watch these without being a complete savage. The “What’s in this” will  assist you on deciding which company you might have watch this with or without with by highlighting an emphasis on why that show has deserved that age recommended rating. And finally, each show is paired with the drink of choice to heighten your sense of viewing pleasure, giving you that full experience. Enjoy.


Da Vinci’s Demons- Adventure

Network: Starz

Binge Level: A couple of weeks.

Episode Duration: 1 hour

Total Episodes: 18

Total Seasons: 2

In the process of making a new season: Yes

What’s in this: Good Old Renaissance Artistic Sensual Romance, Picturesque beautiful women, and the act of love making in it’s full glory. 

    Ingenuity, War, Art, Sex, A Secret Order, Witty One liners, it has all the makings of a great show. The great Leonardo Da Vinci needs no introduction, both in history and in this tome of the genius, inventor, artist, thinker coining the term “Renaissance Man”.  We meet a young multi faceted, charismatic Da Vinci at the peak of Florence’s artistic prosperity with the Medici Family running the great city.  The artist, Da Vinci, gets soon put to use as war engineer as an all out war between Florence and the Pope is about to commence.  This show never has any filler scenes and always moves quickly.  And to top it off there is a secret society which has chosen to Da Vinci to find the Book of Leaves and essentially make sure the heavens don’t collapse.  

Pairs well with Red Wine.


The Knick- Historical Drama

Network: Cinemax

Binge Level: One Week

Episode Duration: 1 hour

Total Episodes: 10

Total Seasons: 1

In the process of making a new season: Yes

What’s in this: Nudity, F*ck words, a couple cold sex scenes, and a lot of blood ( in the medical way)

   Clive Owen can never do no wrong.  His portrayal of an innovative, cocaine-fueled early 1900’s surgeon, Dr. Thackeray, is a masterful performance.  Fueled by drugs, his actions keep crossing the border of ingenuity into insanity. The setting takes place in New York during the turn of the century with factors of gender, color, and religions creating preconceived manifestations that keep being challenged.  Not only is it the wild west of modern medicine but a cultural shift is also being experienced as well that continues to trumps beliefs and forces character to craft new ones. This show is heavy, but so is gold. 

Pairs well with a Scotch with no ice, just straight. 


Sherlock- Dark Comedy

Network: BBC

What’s in this: This one’s okay with the whole family, unless someone’s immature.

Binge Level: 3 Days

Episode Duration: 90 minutes

Total Episodes: 9

Total Seasons: 3

In the process of making a new season: Yes

    A classic, yet remarkably refreshing.  This traditional tale gets transported to a contemporary setting with Sherlock played by the deep-voiced every growing popular Benedict Cumberbatch and Watson played by Martin Freeman. This BBC production maintains the true Sherlock essence of keeping the audience in the dark until the last moment when it grabs all the puzzle pieces and with a drop of the hat arranges them to create a breathtaking portrait.  

Pairs well with: A pint or two.