LEVI STOCKE - The Stand (Original Song)

Original song I wrote about the final stand of John Ashley the notorious bank robber in Florida in the early 1900s they used to call the bandit. Getting back to my Southern roots with this one hope you like it. Cheers!

Lyrics :


Dust comin' over the hill

Dogs barking up the road

Looks like they done found me

God rest my soul

I've been on the run for so long now

Let me tell you son

There aint no peace in this here house

If you've known the things I've done


There aint no preacher man that can save me from myself

An outlaw on the run never deserved any help

And it looks as though this is it for me


Sheriff says "Boy there aint nowhere to hide,

And all those bullets with my name

They don't mean a thing"

You're surrounded as you can see

Not just here but all over Palm Beach County


There aint no preacher man that can save you from yourself

An outlaw on the run never deserved any help

And it looks as though this is it for you.


Lyrics & song written by Levi Stocke




Out with the old in with the new

   To stay motivated it is important to stay organized. This pertains not only to keeping up with household things but also your social group. You are more influenced by your peers and those around you than you can imagine. This doesn't mean you disown your friends but instead to consider the amount of time you spend with the ones who lack direction or desire to better themselves. Spend good amounts of time with your mentors and people who have found a path that is appealing to you or how you would like to be seen in the future. Doing so will also give you the knowledge to encourage those friends that are having trouble finding their way and you can be a peer to peer role model for them. Life is short and is supposed to be enjoyed and for myself that is eliminating stress in all aspects that I can. 

  The other part to mention about organization is simply putting order in place in your life. In the last section I mentioned stress elimination and cleanliness is a huge one. Keeping clean will not only impress those around you but will also give you the confidence you need to continue to succeed. Wishing you all the best.


- Levi